Love over Hate

I’ve had people in my life who have done different things to hurt me. People I trusted. People I was related to. They did it out of jealousy. They did it for money. They did it for fun. I will never understand the level of evil they are and I am thankful I won’t. I can’t wrap my mind around it because I could never be like them. I’m looking at a lot of people in this statement, but for this post, I’m looking at you, MC. I’m thankful for creating boundaries with you. You were never on my side. You never cared. And that’s okay. I’m growing and I’ve moved on. Life has blessed me through knowing your intentions. I hope life blesses you in the ways you deserve.


Beautiful Soul

Your soul is beautiful. It radiates gold and iridescent colors of the rainbow, swirling around you and allowing anyone who comes near you to know how amazing you are.

Thursday Thoughts

I’ve realized there’s not a whole lot you can control in this life. You can be going along one day as fine as can be and life throws you a curveball. Maybe one you expected to happen at some point, or maybe one that completely blindsides you. You couldn’t control it from happening. It might hurt. You might get sad, scared, upset. And that’s okay. You’re a human. You’re going to feel. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. If you don’t, you’ll be trapping emotions inside of your body that will later struggle to come out. So let it flow. And then try to take hold of what you can control. Guide your mind to something that’s within your power to do in regards to your current situation. Is there something you like to do that might make you feel a little better? If you meet the obstacle with a negative mind frame, how will that end up panning out in the end? Is it possible to do things to see something positive in the situation? Everything we face today is temporary. Everything has a turning point. When you can’t control what happens, take the time to realize you can control how you handle things. I hope you find peace in your turbulence and a solution to every situation.