What is a Cult?

You can look up the definition of what a cult is, but until you experience being the target of one, you won’t understand how off that definition is.

To me, a cult is any group of people with bad intentions. A group that knowingly hurts other people for either 1. Money, 2. Power, or 3. Because they’re sick in the head and think it’s fun.  Cults can slap on a religious title to grow the group or they find other ways to draw people in, usually feeding off of an individual’s struggles and insecurities to make them feel like they belong so they can hurt them worse.

I am tired of being quiet. I can’t speak the stories of other, but I can speak my own and take back my own power. Feel free to visit my blog, www.iceprincess7770.com for more information to come. My podcast will be up and running soon on Spotify-Iceprincess7770

*Silence does not bring awareness and others need to know they’re not alone*



Monsters exist. They come in the form of family. They come in the form of friends. They come disguised as people who care and get your walls down just so they can hurt you in the end. They will do anything for money, hurt whoever they’re asked to hurt. Many think cults are a conspiracy, but they’re not. They’re truly a group of people with the same mental illness that makes them think it’s okay to hurt people and torture people. I hear so much on Scientology, but Jehovah Witness is the same. So many also disguise themselves as a religion, but behind closed doors have other things going on as well. Some aren’t even part of the religion. They’re just sick and will go along with anything. Too many people with money thinks it gives them power to hurt others and that’s exactly what they do.