It isn’t easy when you keep praying and nothing happens. You see other peoples’ prayers and dreams coming true and you keep holding faith your day will come. I hope today is your day and your prayers finally come true.


One Morning

One morning, you’ll wake up and all your hard work will pay off. You’ll no longer worry you’re on the wrong path. You’ll never second guess the steps you’ve been taking along the way. You won’t even compare yourself to everyone else. You’ll just have peace, knowing the bigger picture finally came together and everything will be okay. I pray to God and the universe for you to have that day soon. I know you’re needing it.

Hey God

Sometimes I get stuck in my own head. I forget about taking a breath and remembering all I have to be thankful for. God provides a lot to me, even when I think He has forgotten or given up on me. He’s given me a life I can love, even when there are hard times. He’s given me happiness, even through the struggles. I’m blessed beyond measure and today is one of those days I needed to take a minute and make it known.



You know I’m waiting. You know I lack patience. You know when and why and how I struggle. Hear the prayers I speak daily. I’m waiting on a sign.