A reminder to keep going

There will always be times when the struggles of life become overwhelming. When those times hit, know you’re doing the best you can. Some might make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong or try to take your focus away and make you want to give up. Keep going anyhow. You’ll get to where you’re meant to be. Give yourself patience and grace.

Focus on the Good

There are times when I become frustrated by this life. Why can’t it be easier? Why can’t I have all the answers? When will I know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there? I end up with a lot more questions than answers the more I let my mind go. I have to stop myself. I have to realize that life isn’t guaranteed to be easy. I have to understand there is a bigger picture being worked out that I have no clue about it. I have to have faith and hope that it will all come together the way it’s supposed to. And most importantly, I need to just take the time to appreciate what is good in my life. My focus needs to be on the blessings I have and let God handle the rest.