I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t even know what today will bring. I can promise I’ll keep trying through whatever happens. Life isn’t easy. It’s even less easy when you’re the focus of a group of people without lives of their own who like to cause harm and pain as much as possible. But I’m still trying. It’s not my nature to give up, just like I know it isn’t yours. I know you’re tired. I know life can be overwhelming and draining at the same time. But you keep trying. I’ll always be beside you through whatever life throws at us. Let’s keep trying together.


Money isn’t Power

Trigger Warning

We live in a world where we are completely dependent on money. We need to to survive. It should have never been that way, but that’s exactly how it is. And there are those who thrive off of having more money than others. They see money as power. They use it to get a way with thing. They can buy their way out of any situation. They can buy any person with the right dollar value, I’m looking at you L.G. And L.S. People will do twisted and sick things for enough money. That would be aimed at you, K.K., and numerous others who would kill for enough money.

I know there are a lot of people who think there are conspiracy theories and that’s all they are, but when you live it, you learn they aren’t theories at all. With enough money, people are capable of disturbing things that make the Saw movies look like My Little Pony. Family and friends will turn on you when enough money is dangled in front of them. There are going to be others who understand what I’m saying. I’m deciding to start speaking up a little at a time.

These people can make their money sex-trafficking children. They can make it by drugging and offering people up to twisted people who think it’s a game to see how badly they can hurt them. We know drug dealing is a problem, but you probably don’t realize how many drug users are willing to do whatever for their next hit. They are an easy target for people with money to not have to get their own hands dirty.

We live in a world that money shouldn’t be what makes it go round. We have government officials who can get away with so much because they hide behind their money (that’s you again, L.S.). They’re all cowards. They’ll never drop their masks for people to see the evil monsters they truly are.

What is a Cult?

You can look up the definition of what a cult is, but until you experience being the target of one, you won’t understand how off that definition is.

To me, a cult is any group of people with bad intentions. A group that knowingly hurts other people for either 1. Money, 2. Power, or 3. Because they’re sick in the head and think it’s fun.  Cults can slap on a religious title to grow the group or they find other ways to draw people in, usually feeding off of an individual’s struggles and insecurities to make them feel like they belong so they can hurt them worse.

I am tired of being quiet. I can’t speak the stories of other, but I can speak my own and take back my own power. Feel free to visit my blog, for more information to come. My podcast will be up and running soon on Spotify-Iceprincess7770

*Silence does not bring awareness and others need to know they’re not alone*


Often we want to blame ourselves for the way people treat us. If someone is cruel, that is a reflection of who they are. They choose to be that way and it has nothing to do with you. Cruel people like to hurt people with good hearts because it makes them feel better and powerful over those they hurt. They made their choice. Please know your choice doesn’t have to be to tolerate it.


Monsters exist. They come in the form of family. They come in the form of friends. They come disguised as people who care and get your walls down just so they can hurt you in the end. They will do anything for money, hurt whoever they’re asked to hurt. Many think cults are a conspiracy, but they’re not. They’re truly a group of people with the same mental illness that makes them think it’s okay to hurt people and torture people. I hear so much on Scientology, but Jehovah Witness is the same. So many also disguise themselves as a religion, but behind closed doors have other things going on as well. Some aren’t even part of the religion. They’re just sick and will go along with anything. Too many people with money thinks it gives them power to hurt others and that’s exactly what they do.

A musing about myself

I usually post poetry or share information from my reiki page on this site. I decided to give a random ramble tonight instead. I’ve always been the type of person who would want to help anyone and would see the good in people. Over the last 5 years I’ve learned about the extent of evil people are willing to partake in, especially at the expensive of good people.

I’ve learned that social media sites are a breeding ground for the fake. It really isn’t a surprise, but it’s true. Religious groups spreading hate. Or God-loving people who do really awful things and call it God’s will. Then there’s the group that make a killing off of exploiting their own children, or the children they abducted during child and sex trafficking.

I’ve learned that anyone can have a dollar value places on their head. We all know there are different cults out there. There’s documentaries on the religious ones all the time. Scientology. Jehovah Witness. Moonies. We’ve heard of the ones who drank cyanide. There are sex cults being exposed. There’s those that are satanic ritual abuse cults. Many of those involved in cults have an abundant amount of money for their cause. They rope people in by pretending they care and then they start working on their minds and offering up money for the recruits to do different things to people.

I’ve learned that people make a life out of hurting others. A full time job out of it. And if you threaten to take that away from them, they get desperate. They follow you every where. They make fake accounts with fake pictures to make it out to be they have a life they don’t really have. They put all of their time and energy into it all. Just because they want to hurt people and keep making money by doing so.

I’ve learned that nothing changes these people. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy living a ritzy lifestyle created by doing all the wrong things in life. They will never see anything wrong with it no matter what so don’t bother to try and change it or to try and help them, no matter how good your heart is. Walk away and keep fighting for your life to be yours. They’ll keep coming back. Keep trying to interfere. They’re not worth your energy and there are others who understand what you’re going through. Keep fighting.

Letter about Cults #2

Watchtower in New York, Jehovah Witness headquarters

Cults have power. They have military background. They have people with authority backing them, such as police officers, attorneys, judges, doctors. Cults can be found in religious organizations or they can stand alone. Kingdom Hall of Altoona, PA is a religious organization that permits and applauds the abuse of women and children. They have the 2 witness rule stating that if others don’t see the abuse, it means it didn’t happen. The Jehovah Witness main headquarters is in New York. They think they are above the law and don’t have to answer to any wrong doings. They hide behind a gate. They also kidnap, abduct, and torture people behind their gate. They make a community where people live free of charge to be slaves to them. Women are made into mass producers so they can grow their organization. They have fake hospitals where they create fake birth certificates, fake death records, and just about anything else they please. Get behind the gate and you will find they also make their own money. They believe it is okay to lie if the truth isn’t worth telling. They tell members to hide the truth from enemies of the religion. Which is literally everyone outside of the hall. They wont tell how they rape women and take their babies. They pu babies with other abusers so they grow up to not know their own worth. They won’t tell about their science experiments. They won’t tell how they fully believe in mind control and use it to exploit people in the most vulnerable ways. They will come to you in your weakest moments and pretend to be a friend. They will work hard to get your walls down, pretending to be empathetic so they can know what hurts you the most in life, and once they have you where they want you, they work to destroy you from the inside out. And if you work to escape, they’ll try that much harder to get you to kill yourself. No loose ends for them. I’m looking at you, Lewis Garland. The world will know all you’ve done and all you’ve managed to get away with so far.

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Letter about a Cult #1

No More Silence

Brittany told me to write everything out. All that the cult put me through, her through, us through. She figured so that way maybe what we know will help someone else some day. Some day if we are gone from all they’ve done and can’t help people through it ourselves. I’d rather keep fighting to watch the cult crumble in person. The problem I’ve had is I just don’t know where to start. They’ve done so much. So I start with the way they manipulate people to hurt their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. They make people think they have to be silent, be alone. Te cult makes people think they’re so fucking crazy, when in fact, they are the fucking crazy ones. They have broken me down more times than I’d like to admit, they are always meant to good at learning people and the best ways to break them. So for those dealing with a cult, know you can rise back up. You only fail when you quit trying. They’ve made me feel hopeless, worthless, emotionless, alone, scared, miserable, depressed. So point number 2, you are stronger than what they put in your mind and you will overcome it. It won’t be easy to do. This is where having support is really, really damn important. There are other people out there who know what you’re going through, understand the pain. It may take time to find the right ones that are to help you through, but know you will find them. They were always meant to be your people. Fight for them just as they would fight for you. I guess this sums up letter #1. My mind is already working on #2.

Harassment from Cults

The messages above aren’t from a real email address. It was an email created to harass me. I block them, they still message. It is a “them.” It is a whole cult who thrives on hurting people, mentally, physically, sexually, financially. I’m not the only one who gets messages. There are a lot of people plagued by cults daily. Individuals who have faced severe trauma at the hands of others. The cult then turns it around and wants everyone else to think the victim is crazy. Look up “Satanic Ritual Abuse.” Look up “mind frequencies,” “mind control,” and “brainwashing.” The problem many face with cults is they have power in all the right places. The judicial system is in their back pockets. Judges, cops, attorneys, all willing to accept money to help keep secrets locked away. Conspiracy theories tend to not be conspiracy at all, but those with social status will help to create a belief that there is no way cults exist. The problem for victims is it makes it so very hard to know who to trust and where to go for help. Cults have therapists at the read to convince a victim that they truly are crazy and everything they’re remembering is just a crazy dream. Many face flashbacks. Look it up. Severe trauma is regressed and flashbacks happen. They get taken back to what happened, when it was happening. People are locked away, experimented on, raped and hurt to an extent no human being should ever be hurt. Again. Look it up. Know how to search online and you will find that this is more common than it should be. The fact cults hide behind religious organizations, pull in millions of dollars for their cause, and can get away with so much makes the battle that much harder. Add in the ability to place pieces into the body to be able to control someone from speaking out, and it makes it even worse to try and break away. Think I’m crazy? Again. Look it up. What these people are capable of doing is straight out of horror movie. They know it too, but they believe in what they do so much they have themselves convinced people deserve to be hurt and that they aren’t doing anything wrong. No one can convince them differently.

I guess the purpose of this post is to make it known that cults are real and for those facing the battle against one, you’re not alone. If you are lucky, you will find an amazing partner to face it all with and get through it together. I’ve faced a lot the last few years, but recently found out it’s been all my life. Those who I thought cared were actually a part of bigger plan to want to destroy me. Family and friends. Those who were suppose to love me, support me, want the best for me. It turned out to be lies with so many of them. I’ve found out most of it recently, but I’ve had a very strong partner to help me through it all. I can never put into words how much her love has meant to me, continues to mean to me. I couldn’t do this life without her. While there might be a lot of bad in this world, she continues to show me the good. With her, I can face all the obstacles thrown my way and know I’ll be okay. I didn’t know I needed saving, I didn’t know I needed healing, but over the last 3 years I’ve found the one who has done both. I thank God every day for her. I pray for those who don’t deserve pain and hurt, that you find the one who will do for you what she has done for me.

I’ve included some sites below for additional reading for those looking to understand a little more about what I’ve said: