Where Do Our Prayers Go?

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I’m having one of those types of mornings when I’m questioning God. I have times like this every once in a while. I have a prayer journal, but I also say prayers slightly and out loud. My relationship with God has included yelling at him, crying to him, expressing the happiness in my life, and giving thanks. I try to always keep faith and hope in life, no matter what life may throw at me.

I guess the purpose of this post is to make it known, whatever relationship you have with God, it’s yours and yours alone. If you don’t believe in God, but believe in something else, that’s also your personal relationship. While I’m questioning God today, I still have faith and believe. I just get upset that it feels like He leaves me a lot. I’ve seen a lot of bad things in life and it upsets me. Children shouldn’t die of cancer. We shouldn’t have homeless people while there are people with billionaires of dollars for posting a picture of their breakfast. We shouldn’t have people getting away with murder, literally, while sitting in mansions paid for by the money they receive by commiting the ultimate sins.

I understand the concept of Adam and Eve and how sin came to be, but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way. My mind doesn’t work like a normal mind. I see the Bible as being broken into those who choose love and those who choose greed and law. Those who choose love are the ones who actually end up with the greater stresses in life and have to worry about being hurt for love. Those who back greed and law are the ones who punish the ones who chose love. We have mints to make money so no one would have to actually go without, but the greedy create laws to make it so they can become wealthier, but they’re the only ones. I’m getting off topic, but it actually is part of my questioning. How is it some have everything and some have nothing, but it all could be equal?

This post is a rambling one, but blogging is a way to get things out. Maybe someone else has felt the way I’m feeling and can relate to it. I know plenty of people don’t believe in God and might say I just need to find something else to believe in, but I can’t. I do believe in the universe too. I believe in energy and something bigger. I just feel the two go together, but not everyone does.

I can look back over life and see why somethings hadn’t turned out the way I wanted. There was something bigger in the works, I just didn’t know it at the time. Things had to align to come together and it wasn’t to align in my timing. I try to have patience, but I lack it. I get scared. I know I’m to pick faith over fear, but that’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. I just would love for the bigger picture to come together, for prayers to be heard, and to land where I’m to land.


Rise Up

We come across people who want to rise above what they’ve been through. They want to figure out their lives and not let trauma and pain they have been through hold them back. People want to learn to move through fear and find their dreams. But there are also those who choose to never grow up. They don’t care who they hurt. They have no morals or values and they choose to never grow. I hope you choose to rise.

Exploring healing at the cellular level

Hello All,

Did you know that your cells have a kind of sentience, in that each of the 75 to 100 trillion cells of your physical body is imbued with choice and free will?

According to Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, an osteopathic doctor and sound healer, your cells actually choose to work together to make your physical body the miraculous creature that it is.

When all parts of your body collaborate in an optimal way, you walk through the world as a healthier and more vibrant being, with access to the highest level of intelligence… joy!

Yet when they don’t… the body may fall out of balance, causing physical and emotional dis-ease.

On Tuesday, June 6, join Dr. Higgins in a fascinating hour-long event, in which she’ll share her perspective on how the cells of the body are self-actualized, intelligent beings with the power to communicate through the universal energy field. A powerful conduit for this energy is sound — and when we produce and receive sound, we can activate our own healing process.

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  • Discover the intelligence of your cells and how you can cooperate with them for optimal health
  • Explore the concept of “the field” and how it plays a crucial role in your ability to communicate with your cells
  • Understand the importance of interval entrainment theory as a powerful sound-healing modality
  • Be introduced to Interval Entrainment Healing, a modality that aligns the vibrations of tuning forks with your intention
  • Be guided through a “Communion With Your Cells” healing meditation — where you’ll “meet” your cells for the very first time!

Sound connects you to the universe and everyone in it through its vibrational nature, and serves as the gateway to your spirit — to your energy and light and that place of truth and wholeness within where your healing can expand to its highest level.

In this illuminating workshop, Dr. Higgins will provide a light-hearted yet profound introduction to Interval Entrainment Healing, her unique healing innovation that uses tuning forks in harmonic balance with your own thoughtful intention.

This is an opportunity for you to create a bridge between the physical and nonphysical aspects of yourself and bring your body back into balance.

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Faith and Trust

Keeping faith isn’talways easy. We see things around us that make no sense. We see bad people rising up in their world and achieving all they want while we see homeless going hungry and children dying of cancer. It’s not aways easy to trust in the process. It tends to be easier to become negative and feel like the process sucks and won’t ever change. I think I like to look at it as the aspect a negative attitude will only hurt me. I can’t change what the process is or understand how some people can do cruel things and still have everything handed to them. All I can do is have faith and trust in the process to work out the way it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.

Life is About Change

Life is always changing. For those who enjoy routines, this can be a struggle. What ways do you handle the changes life throws at you? Do you see the good in changes?

My wife and I say we pivot. We have different things come at us, and we focus and regroup. Our pivot. We figure out a way to get through the challenges in changes as well as to appreciate the good changes.