Faith and Trust

Keeping faith isn’talways easy. We see things around us that make no sense. We see bad people rising up in their world and achieving all they want while we see homeless going hungry and children dying of cancer. It’s not aways easy to trust in the process. It tends to be easier to become negative and feel like the process sucks and won’t ever change. I think I like to look at it as the aspect a negative attitude will only hurt me. I can’t change what the process is or understand how some people can do cruel things and still have everything handed to them. All I can do is have faith and trust in the process to work out the way it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.


Life is About Change

Life is always changing. For those who enjoy routines, this can be a struggle. What ways do you handle the changes life throws at you? Do you see the good in changes?

My wife and I say we pivot. We have different things come at us, and we focus and regroup. Our pivot. We figure out a way to get through the challenges in changes as well as to appreciate the good changes.