Finding Peace

Peace looks different to each person. I hope today, you find the peace you’re looking for. I can’t control everything in life. I need to make peace with that. I can’t change peoples’ intentions and motives. It’s got to be okay that I can’t. I can’t make people want to be truthful, kind, or do the right thing. I have to let go of the vision I’ve had in my head where I can. I need to find my own peace. My own peace starts with accepting what is, dreaming about what could be, and following the path that best fits me.

I believe in God. I believe in the universe. I believe in karma. I believe in intentions. I believe in manifestations. I beleive in good. I believe in trying. I believe in love. I believe in healing. I believe in hope and faith. All of my beliefs bring me peace. I need to hold on to what I believe.

What do you believe in? Does it bring you peace? Take control of what you can, let the rest roll. If it feeds your heart, mind, body, and soul, do it more often. Let peace wash over you in the things you love, believe, and manifest.


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