The Game of Life

We pass by people every day struggling more than we can imagine. We pass by people with evil intentions. The struggling keep struggling and the evil ones keep being rewarded. Make it make sense.
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I have a strong faith. I always have. I’ve always said if I lose faith and hope, it’s not a good thing. Some people believe in God. Some people believe in the universe. Some believe in goddesses and high priests. I feel it’s important to believe in something because without that something, can you really have faith or hope?

I’m having one of those days where I want to argue with God and the universe. Why is there so much that isn’t fair in the game of life? We see people being billionaires. They have so much money they will never use. And then we have people barely able to make ends meet, have no home, have no food. Where is the right in this? If both are trying, why is one succeeded and the other isn’t?

We have children dying of cancer. Why? We shouldn’t. Children and animals are the most innocent creatures in this world. We steal their innocence and put them through hell? Make it make sense because I can’t.

We have evil people out there, and I get there will always be sin, but they live lavish lives by hurting people. They will gladly take money to stalk and hurt others. And the ones being hurt are good people just trying to live their own life. Again. Make it make sense.

People lie. They deceive. They do awful things. And these people are the ones rewarded in life. There are those who work hard, who try their best, they’re kind to everyone they meet. And they tend to be the ones that get the shit-end of the deal in the game of life. Make it make sense.