What are Your Dreams

Life gets sad when we stop dreaming. If there was nothing to hold you back, what would you do with your life?

Would you travel? Would you change careers? Go off the grid? Build a house? If time, money, etc., wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

I hope whatever your dreams are, they come true.


Kindness Matters

We live in a world where kindness is viewed as gullible or weak. It isn’t either. Having a kind heart in a world filled with chaos and hatred isn’t easy. Choosing to stand by your beliefs is even harder. I applaud those who choose to be kind. I applaud those who are kind when they don’t understand something, but greet it with a curiosity instead of hatred. I applaud those who have felt the pain of being bullied and still stand for others. I applaud the kind hearts of this world. You give me hope. Keep being kind. Keep being you.