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We live in a world where hate is abundant and love is forgotten. We can look at social media and see someone making a stand that love is love, like Kelsea Ballerini did or Taylor Swift has done, and we see comments ripping them apart. Who someone chooses to love, how they decide to present themselves, is no one else’s concern, but their own. If they are just living their life, paying their bills, doing their own thing, why would anyone wish them harm or hate them? They don’t hate others for living their own life. They don’t wish harm on others. They’re busy just trying to do their own thing. I cannot wrap my head around so much hatred. We seen how Travis Tritt and Kid Rock reacted to Bud Light bringining on trans influencer, Dylan Mulvaney. Many people decided to follow the reactions they sparked by boycotting the beer. Why? Because they gave someone a job? The beer is still a beer. The person is receiving an income. What difference does it make to who is involved? Dylan Mulvaney hasn’t caused anyone harm so why hate?

Who I choose to love doesn’t make me any less human. How I choose to love, doesn’t change that I bleed red just like anyone else. How I present myself doesn’t change that I have a big heart that wants to change the world for the better. I will always support good people, no matter what. There are people out there identifying as heterosexuals murdering people. There are men and women married to one another living a miserable life. There are couples where the man abuses the wife, but that’s okay in society as long as that woman doesn’t end up with another woman who loves her. We live in a world where society has distorted views to what is right and what is wrong. Hatred is wrong. Hate is a sin. So for those who like to bring religion into it, your hatred is a sin. The Bible preaches love one another, love your neighbor. Yet people choose to ignore that for their own views.

I’m thankful for those in the media that speak up for the LGBTQIA+ group and bring awareness. People just want to be accepted for who they are. I just want to be accepted for who I am, but it also won’t change who I am if I’m not. I will love who I want to love. I will stand for those who do as well. I will fight back against stereotyping, abuse, and hate. We are only giving this one life on this earth. Why waste it with hate in your heart? If someone’s views don’t match yours and they aren’t hurtin anyone, keep moving along, keep scrolling. You’ll make the world a better place by doing that than spreading more hate.

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