The Trauma of Terrorists

For many, the knowledge of school shootings is everywhere. Tennessee just had their own school shooting. Yesterday a nationwide hoax was put out there and our sons’ school was one of the ones that received the active shooter, injuries happening calls. Panic sets in and so does a helpless feeling as you wait to know what is happening and if everyone is okay. Thankfully, we learned how amazing our area is with police response and there was no hesitation. It was a hoax and other schools were also involved in our area and state. Other states also had the same calls go out. As my wife said, it’s no longer a hoax. It’s terrorists.

I had started reading more about shootings that have occurred and have learned that shortly after they happened, other nationwide calls happened. People ride on the fear. We live in a very sad world where people think it’s okay to take the lives of innocent children and people. We live in a messed up world where people want to create chaos and panic.

If the focus were on love instead of hate, maybe we could make a change. Maybe. Some people are too far gone. Some people see their own traumas as a reason to hurt others. Your trauma is NEVER okay to be taken out on innocent lives. You are not the only one who has had trauma. A lot of people in this world have gone through hell in their lifetime. They choose to not hurt others because of it. For some, they actually choose to be the voice so others aren’t hurt. Violence is never the answer.

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