A Walk in the Woods

A walk in the woods

She walked in the grass in her bare feet,

feeling last night’s rain with each step.

Her mind could see the way to go.

She hadn’t been here before,

but it still looked familiar.

There was a knowing.

And her mind told her to keep going.

She was looking for something.

She just didn’t know what yet.

She climbed over the fence,

And headed into the woods.

The mud covered her feet, but she didn’t care.

Her heart was pounding, her breathing was faster.

She was getting close, she could feel it.

She kept going until the trees broke away.

There was a clearing up ahead.

She stopped and dropped to her knees.

Just in front of her was all she needed to know,

The truth she had been praying for.

And she screamed. She kept screaming.

Until she woke up.


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