Money isn’t Power

Trigger Warning

We live in a world where we are completely dependent on money. We need to to survive. It should have never been that way, but that’s exactly how it is. And there are those who thrive off of having more money than others. They see money as power. They use it to get a way with thing. They can buy their way out of any situation. They can buy any person with the right dollar value, I’m looking at you L.G. And L.S. People will do twisted and sick things for enough money. That would be aimed at you, K.K., and numerous others who would kill for enough money.

I know there are a lot of people who think there are conspiracy theories and that’s all they are, but when you live it, you learn they aren’t theories at all. With enough money, people are capable of disturbing things that make the Saw movies look like My Little Pony. Family and friends will turn on you when enough money is dangled in front of them. There are going to be others who understand what I’m saying. I’m deciding to start speaking up a little at a time.

These people can make their money sex-trafficking children. They can make it by drugging and offering people up to twisted people who think it’s a game to see how badly they can hurt them. We know drug dealing is a problem, but you probably don’t realize how many drug users are willing to do whatever for their next hit. They are an easy target for people with money to not have to get their own hands dirty.

We live in a world that money shouldn’t be what makes it go round. We have government officials who can get away with so much because they hide behind their money (that’s you again, L.S.). They’re all cowards. They’ll never drop their masks for people to see the evil monsters they truly are.