A Better World

We live in a crazy world. People are mean and hurtful just because they can be. If someone’s views are different, or they love someone of their choosing, others will rip them apart and spread hate. Why? What does this do and does it actually benefit anyone?

Why can’t we all just be kind, be respectful, be truthful? I don’t feel like these are hard concepts. Children were once taught to be all 3 things, but now as adults, no one seems to understand any of it. People hate me because I’m a woman married to a woman. Why? What does my life have to do with anyone else’s? It doesn’t. I’m not hurting anyone with my choice. There is a lot worse I could do in my life. I could be hurting people. I could be taking money to be a liar and to mess with peoples’ minds. I could be a murderer. I could be so many things that maybe might justify judging me, but not who I love.

There are so many ways we can contribute to making the world better. The next time you disagree with someone, you can speak it, that’s fine. What isn’t fine is being mean and hurtful or physically hurting someone because you don’t agree with them. Think of your words and actions before proceeding.


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