Thursday Thoughts

The hardest thing to heal is the mind. The scars caused by trauma to the mind cannot be seen, but can continuously be felt. A simple comment made might be triggering to someone. Holiday times may bring pain. Hurtful comments spoken throughout childhood remain into adulthood. The mental and emotional struggles are only truly understood by the one who has the struggles. Support is helpful, and often very much needed, but no one can fully comprehend someone else’s pain. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with things. Some become angry. Some shut down. Some turn to substances. Others rely on humor and laughter to get them through. We all deserve compassion. We deserve understanding and empathy. The mind is tricky to heal. One day it can seem fine and the next day be on a downward spiral. We are human and healing isn’t a straight path for anyone. We often don’t need much from others. Just to feel validated in how we feel. To know we aren’t crazy. And to know that ultimately we can get through to the other side of it and someone is willing to be beside us while we work at it. It’s okay to struggle, to cry, to feel what you need to feel, both for the one hurting and the one trying to help. Be patient in your healing journey. And keep going.

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