A Friday Rant…

Workers do their best work when they feel appreciated. If they have a boss who listens to concerns and things are addressed, they’re more willing to want to go to work every day. They know that even on a bad day, it won’t last because there are those wanting to make things run smoothly. When workers stop feeling appreciated, they stop wanting to do their best. They stop wanting to try and make their work place a positive place to be.

If you’re the type of boss who brushes off concerns, doesn’t want to listen, or talks badly about your employees behind their backs because their views aren’t the same as your own, you are heading down a bad path. Sure, it might work for a while doing these things, but at some point you’ll end up losing the good employees who would work hard on everything they do. Eventually, word will get around and no one will want to work for you.

A good work environment has benefits to all involved. People are more productive when they’re happy where they work. Management has the work done with quality and efficiency. Workers will even be less likely to end up sick because a positive mind frame boosts the immune system.

If anyone out there ends up reading this Friday rant and you’re in a place to make the work atmosphere a positive one, do it. It will be for the greater good of all involved.


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