Hey God


I talk to you sometimes. A lot of the time. When I’m sad, when I’m hurt. When I’m confused. When I’m unsure. When I’m questioning. When I’m doubting. I notice I don’t talk a lot when I’m happy and confident and sure of things. But you’re a friend. You listen. You don’t have comments to give or your words to express. You just are quiet and listen. Sometimes I get mad about that. Because sometimes I want you to give me answers. But I get it. It’s all in your time. I don’t know why things are the way they are, but I still believe in you. I believe you’re good and almighty and kind and loving. I believe you’ll bring me out of my darkest times. You’ll help me find my way. I believe in you, God. I believe in your love for me. So stand beside me. Hold me close. Don’t let me go. Because I need you.