A musing about myself

I usually post poetry or share information from my reiki page on this site. I decided to give a random ramble tonight instead. I’ve always been the type of person who would want to help anyone and would see the good in people. Over the last 5 years I’ve learned about the extent of evil people are willing to partake in, especially at the expensive of good people.

I’ve learned that social media sites are a breeding ground for the fake. It really isn’t a surprise, but it’s true. Religious groups spreading hate. Or God-loving people who do really awful things and call it God’s will. Then there’s the group that make a killing off of exploiting their own children, or the children they abducted during child and sex trafficking.

I’ve learned that anyone can have a dollar value places on their head. We all know there are different cults out there. There’s documentaries on the religious ones all the time. Scientology. Jehovah Witness. Moonies. We’ve heard of the ones who drank cyanide. There are sex cults being exposed. There’s those that are satanic ritual abuse cults. Many of those involved in cults have an abundant amount of money for their cause. They rope people in by pretending they care and then they start working on their minds and offering up money for the recruits to do different things to people.

I’ve learned that people make a life out of hurting others. A full time job out of it. And if you threaten to take that away from them, they get desperate. They follow you every where. They make fake accounts with fake pictures to make it out to be they have a life they don’t really have. They put all of their time and energy into it all. Just because they want to hurt people and keep making money by doing so.

I’ve learned that nothing changes these people. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy living a ritzy lifestyle created by doing all the wrong things in life. They will never see anything wrong with it no matter what so don’t bother to try and change it or to try and help them, no matter how good your heart is. Walk away and keep fighting for your life to be yours. They’ll keep coming back. Keep trying to interfere. They’re not worth your energy and there are others who understand what you’re going through. Keep fighting.


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