Letter about Cults #2

Watchtower in New York, Jehovah Witness headquarters

Cults have power. They have military background. They have people with authority backing them, such as police officers, attorneys, judges, doctors. Cults can be found in religious organizations or they can stand alone. Kingdom Hall of Altoona, PA is a religious organization that permits and applauds the abuse of women and children. They have the 2 witness rule stating that if others don’t see the abuse, it means it didn’t happen. The Jehovah Witness main headquarters is in New York. They think they are above the law and don’t have to answer to any wrong doings. They hide behind a gate. They also kidnap, abduct, and torture people behind their gate. They make a community where people live free of charge to be slaves to them. Women are made into mass producers so they can grow their organization. They have fake hospitals where they create fake birth certificates, fake death records, and just about anything else they please. Get behind the gate and you will find they also make their own money. They believe it is okay to lie if the truth isn’t worth telling. They tell members to hide the truth from enemies of the religion. Which is literally everyone outside of the hall. They wont tell how they rape women and take their babies. They pu babies with other abusers so they grow up to not know their own worth. They won’t tell about their science experiments. They won’t tell how they fully believe in mind control and use it to exploit people in the most vulnerable ways. They will come to you in your weakest moments and pretend to be a friend. They will work hard to get your walls down, pretending to be empathetic so they can know what hurts you the most in life, and once they have you where they want you, they work to destroy you from the inside out. And if you work to escape, they’ll try that much harder to get you to kill yourself. No loose ends for them. I’m looking at you, Lewis Garland. The world will know all you’ve done and all you’ve managed to get away with so far.

Image obtained through https://www.inquirer.com/news/inq/jehovahs-witnesses-silent-history-child-sex-abuse-20180425.html

Letter about a Cult #1

No More Silence

Brittany told me to write everything out. All that the cult put me through, her through, us through. She figured so that way maybe what we know will help someone else some day. Some day if we are gone from all they’ve done and can’t help people through it ourselves. I’d rather keep fighting to watch the cult crumble in person. The problem I’ve had is I just don’t know where to start. They’ve done so much. So I start with the way they manipulate people to hurt their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. They make people think they have to be silent, be alone. Te cult makes people think they’re so fucking crazy, when in fact, they are the fucking crazy ones. They have broken me down more times than I’d like to admit, they are always meant to good at learning people and the best ways to break them. So for those dealing with a cult, know you can rise back up. You only fail when you quit trying. They’ve made me feel hopeless, worthless, emotionless, alone, scared, miserable, depressed. So point number 2, you are stronger than what they put in your mind and you will overcome it. It won’t be easy to do. This is where having support is really, really damn important. There are other people out there who know what you’re going through, understand the pain. It may take time to find the right ones that are to help you through, but know you will find them. They were always meant to be your people. Fight for them just as they would fight for you. I guess this sums up letter #1. My mind is already working on #2.