Best Me Ever

I’ve never been who you thought I was.

Happy, Laughing, Me.

I am not miserable.

Your words don’t matter.




Sister’s Secret

She never wanted anyone to know who she really is.

She was good at being fake,

But something sinister laid underneath.

The energy surrounding her soul,

Was as black as coal.

She would suck you in,

Make you believe,

She only ever cared about you.

When all she ever really wanted,

Was to use you as a pawn in her game.

A dark, twisted game,

That she always wanted to win.

She didn’t care what she had to do,

Or how she had to do it,

She’d hurt people.

Manipulate people.

Scar them for life.

All that mattered,

Was her winning,

And no one to see the monster she was trying to hide.