In the Beginning

My path was always to lead me to you.

You sounded frantic,

When you were on the line.

Way back then,

You didn’t know later on you’d be mine.

You wanted to warn me,

You feared for my life.

We had no way of knowing,

Some day we’d be each other’s wife.

Before we ever met,

Before I even knew your name,

You wanted to protect me,

To keep me from their game.

You already had me,

Tucked inside your heart.

To some day make it,

That we would never part.

What started as a friendship,

Bloomed into so much more.

You became my best friend, my lover.

My wife, which whom I adore.

I love this life,

With you beside me.

A happily ever after with you,

Is how it will always be.


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