You Are My Love

I love you with everything in me.

Hello There Wifey,

I can’t believe we are already approaching one year of marriage. It seems surreal. When we got our marriage license, we had no clue to how anything would pan out with the start of a crazy pandemic. But everything did come together for us, in more than one way. We weren’t given an easy path to navigate. We’ve had people along the way that didn’t want to see us happy and would do anything and everything they could to try and ruin everything we have together. We never let them though. We knew we were meant to be together. We knew we could overcome any obstacles thrown in our way. I think we’ve done an amazing job navigating this life together. I never knew what love was until you. I never knew someone could love me, want me, and need me. I never thought I could be enough. I didn’t think I was good enough to be loved. I didn’t think I was anything special. I thought I was flat out poison because that’s all I ever knew. You showed me that was never true. You showed me I was worth fighting for and loving. Our life together is just beginning. I’m excited to see where life takes us next. I’m excited for all we will see and do together. I want to do everything with you. Experience everything with you. Each day is a new beginning and we get to see what’s in store together. I love this life with you. I love you.


Your Wife

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