The Silence

She was quiet.

But it wasn’t because she didn’t care or that she didn’t want to talk.

She was observing.

She was taking in the people around her.

How they talked with one another, their actions.

She knew the ones she didn’t want to talk to.

They were the ones that were fake.

They would pretend to care, pretend to listen, to the people in front of them.

And then they would walk away to talk about the same people they were to care about.

She wanted to talk to the ones who were kind and meant what they said.

She only wanted a small circle of those she could trust and who would make life better,

Not worse or harder.

Those people were few and far between.

The world is full of people with bad intentions.

She became guarded while watching others,

Never understanding why they needed the facade.

She moved through life being quiet.

Except for the select few she let in.

She knew to them, HER true words meant everything.



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