She Chose More

Hummingbirds are said to represent love, joy, hope, life, and charm. They are also a symbol of peace. May you find the peace you’ve always deserved.

She didn’t ask for the life she was given.

Those she should have been able to count on let her down in the most horrific ways.

She could have taken what she lived through and turned cold and empty.

She could have become like them and hurt others like they hurt her.

But she didn’t.

She chose to make a difference.

She chose to keep going, with love in her heart and soul.

She chose to be different.

She chose to be nothing like the ones who hurt her.

She chose to learn from everyone and everything.

She chose to grow from the trauma and hurt.

She knew she didn’t want to be like any of them.

She knew she wanted to break the mold they tried to put her into.

She knew her worth, even though they tried to destroy it.

She knew she was stronger than them, even when she didn’t feel it.

She rose up from the circumstances.

She found everything she once had taken from her.

She grew into who she was always meant to be.

She became the exact person they never wanted her to be.

She is amazing, beautiful, talented, brilliant, and loved.

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