Covid-learn the truth

No thank you to peer pressure about vaccinations.

There is so much going on in the world it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. We have a virus that magically a vaccine came out super fast for and our country became divided. People swearing by a vaccine that they don’t know the long term effects of or even how long it will provide immunity. We have vaccine passports being created to limit people from traveling. Have a vaccine? You can go anywhere. You don’t? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Since when has it truly been up to the government to say what people need to put into their bodies? We have people dying of cancer, but cigarettes aren’t banned. People driving drunk and killing people, but alcohol isn’t eliminated. Obesity has been on the rise, but processed foods are becoming more common and are cheaper than healthy choices. It doesn’t make much sense. They tell you to get a vaccine to be healthy, but don’t put foreign substances into your body, exercise, and eating right will also make you healthy… and help decrease your chances of getting sick and help your immune system to fight off viruses. But sure, lets tell everyone to wear a mask, social distance, and get a vaccine if they want to be safe.

If you go to the CDC website, you will find that they have no clue to how long the vaccines are good for. It could very well be that by all the people are vaccinated, the first round of receivers will need to get a booster shot. The CDC also states there wasn’t an FDA approval on any of the vaccines. But people are rushing to put this into their bodies? I hear people talk about how sick they get on it, but swear that’s because it is working. Are people really that clueless? Getting sick is your body’s reaction to fighting off something that shouldn’t be in it in the first place.

It really shouldn’t be pushed to have a vaccine. It’s quite scary actually. Originally, it was said that a vaccine was already being worked on because Covid-19 is a different strand of something that was already being worked on. And then it was changed that no one had known anything about it. So which is it? The government won’t tell you. If masking and social distancing were so effective, wouldn’t numbers have already dropped? And if the vaccines worked so well, shouldn’t we being seeing a decrease in numbers? There is also a few new strands, but no one knows if the vaccine will work against those ones or not. The virus is just like the cold or the flu. It changes, will need new shots created, and will need booster shots as well. Is it really worth it? Individuals are being told that if they are vaccinated and around other vaccinated people they don’t have to wear a mask or social distance. Problem with this is we don’t know who might be exposed and carrying the new strands of the virus. They could be passing that around because the CDC says they can skip on any precautions. People with vaccines now think they are invincible thanks to the reports the CDC and our government put out there. So many deaths have been sited as being “Covid related,” but the deaths caused by the vaccine are being said to not be Covid related. Why not? Since Covid started we no longer have the flu, pneumonia, or any other issue that could cause death. It’s quite crazy to me. I really can’t wrap my mind around it.

People really need to take the time to educate themselves. You truly can’t take the government’s word on anything. Just because they push it doesn’t make it safe. There are a lot of people who roll their eyes and state people are paranoid and are believing conspiracy theories, but if people took the time to look into things themselves, they might learn quite a bit. The government has been putting things into people since WWII. There is plenty of data out there on this. History is bound to repeat itself when too many people take things at face value and don’t educate themselves.


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