To Vaccinate, or to not Vaccinate, the choice is YOURS

My Facebook post that was “Fact Checked…” They came back with the vaccine has been tested for safety. A couple of weeks is not long enough o know long-term effects. My Facebook now pops up with news items pushing the vaccine agenda. No thank you, Facebook.
On the CDC website. They don’t know how long the vaccines will work for… because there hasn’t been a long enough trial done on the vaccine. This could potentially mean that people will need to have boosters every 8 months. Yet, long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown and they want you to keep putting into your body.
This is for one of the vaccines, but you can go to the CDC site and see that none of the current vaccines have been approved by the FDA. It is scary how hard they are pushing the vaccines when so little is known about it.

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