On this path with my amazing wife

In my heart is where you were always meant to be.

Hello My Amazing Wife,

We started on this path years ago. We didn’t know where we would end up or exactly where we were going. We were just putting our faith into everything turning out the way it was meant to. We’ve had people who have tried to derail us. We’ve had people play games with our hearts and our minds. We were pulled in different directions and every time we were, we pulled ourselves back towards each other. It didn’t matter what obstacles were placed in front of us. We were always meant to be together. We were meant to pull through everything and realize that the best life we could have, would be one with each other. I’ve stood beside you through you learning to trust and learning not all people have bad intentions. I’ve stood by you through the things you have gone through. I’ll keep standing beside you as you work through anything and everything. You will always have me on your side. I will always be your best friend, your partner, your wife, and your soulmate. I love you.


Your Wife