Little Sister Grew Up

I’m the little sister. I follow my sister everywhere she goes.
She can do things I can’t. I want to be just like her.
What’s the matter, sissy? What did I do wrong? Why don’t you like me?
I’ll do better. I’ll make you proud. I want to be as smart and pretty as you some day.
I didn’t mean to upset you. I just want to be where you are. I look up to you and admire you.
Why did you say you wished I was dead? You hurt my heart, sissy. Why do you want me to go away?
I just want to make you proud, but you hate me instead.
I listen when you talk, I smile when you smile. I let you vent when you need to.
But, Sis, I’m not here any more. I left a long time ago. I built walls that wouldn’t let you in.
You weren’t the person I should have wanted to be like.
You were a monster I needed to protect myself from.
You failed me, in every way. Hurt me in ways I didn’t know were even possible. But it’s okay.
You underestimated because you never knew me. You only knew the person you created in your mind to hate.
I’m no longer silent in the shadows, I no longer accept your hate. I have rose from what you’ve said and done to me.
I am no longer the little sister. You had always wanted me dead. And now, to you, I am.



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