Child Exploitation

I am amazed to the level people will go to so they can make money. The biggest way I’m amazed by right now is child exploitation. Why would anyone choose to create an Instagram account for their newborn baby? The baby doesn’t have a choice. That baby doesn’t get to choose if the whole world is always viewing them. It also opens the door for pedophiles to get off on looking at the pictures. People do this, risk the child’s wellbeing, for followers so they can make money. The craziest part is it ends up being people with a ton of money already who end up doing it. There are soccer players right now exploiting a child they adopted. I’m sure that birth mom is currently heartbroken. I’m sure she didn’t sign into the adoption with the baby she gave birth to being plastered all over the internet so the rich can keep getting richer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally find it revolting parents are doing this more and more. Your child isn’t your income. You’re to love and protect your child. Not exploit them.



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