Rising Up

Growth happens every day.

I didn’t know someone like you could exist. Someone who could love unconditionally. Someone who isn’t only a survivor, but a warrior. Someone with dedication, strength, and determination. Someone like you is so rare. There are so many parts to you. Your mind is more brilliant than even you realize. Your soul is whole and pure. It dances with rainbows and gold. Your heart is brave and strong and faithful. Your body is a temple and a treasure. I don’t think you realize all that you are, or how far you’ve come in this life. You were meant to do amazing things. You were meant to show others the way. You were meant to stand up to the wrong in this world and make it start to see the light. I see so much when I look at you. I know you don’t see it all quite yet, but I know you will. I know you will keeping building and growing and getting to exactly where you are suppose to be. I’m the lucky one. I get to see it all taking place. I get to be beside you every step of the way. You’ll see it all. I know you will. I believe in you and I always will.

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