Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

I started this one with dear best friend, even though you are my wife. You started as my friend. We started getting to know each other because our sons were in kindergarten and became best friends. Of course us moms needed to arrange a play date so they could get together and have fun playing together.

You were easy to talk to. We just chatted and got to know each other while the kids played at the playground. We laughed and just enjoyed adult conversation while keeping an eye on the kids. They played, all three of them, just enjoying being kids.

This was the start of something that later on would become more. We had no clue at the time there was to ever be more. Little by little we both started opening up a little more to each other and finding a best friend in one another. Over the years, I was to learn just how much of a best friend you were going to be to me. Over the years, I found out that people I called friends were actually no friend of mine at all. You have been there through all of that.

I am thankful you are my best friend. I am thankful I get to talk to you. I am thankful I get to wake up each morning beside you and go to bed each night with you in my arms. I am lucky to have someone in my life who wants to see me grow and who supports me in anything I want to try and do. I am lucky to have someone who wants to know and love every part of me. I am thankful to you, my wife, that started as my best friend.


Your Best Friend

Image obtained from here: https://www.redbubble.com/i/art-board-print/Best-Friends-Forever-Friendship-BFF-Goals-Gift-by-haselshirt/36964218.NVL2T

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