Smell the Fall air!

Dickert Farms, Mineral Point, PA

Here we are. October already! I love everything fall. The sights, the smells, and taking trips to really enjoy the fall weather. The picture above is from Dickert Farms in Mineral Point, PA. This is the first year they decided to open their farm up. We took a hayride, picked pumpkins and gourds, and saw cows, turkeys, and even a horse. They had a little game area set up where you could do cornhole and tic-tac-toe. We really enjoyed our time there and supporting a new business adventure for the farm owners.

JB Tree Farm, Alexandria, PA

We also visited JB Tree Farm in Alexandria, PA. At this farm, they do a hayride that goes the whole way around their tree farm. They have numerous goats and chickens to feed and pet. They have a play area for the kids to play that includes haybales, a swing, and other items to climb on. They have a pumpkin patch and a huge corn maze to get lost in. The sky was just beautiful to look at as the sun was setting.

We ended up visiting Weakland Farms in Portage, PA during a craft show. They had vendors set up that you could browse what was for sell. Inside, they had a bounce house and a corn box for kids of all ages to enjoy. They had a hayride that took you to their pumpkin patch. You could pick your own pumpkin right off the vine. They also have a large corn maze to enjoy. They had an area where you could pet goats and pigs as well.

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