Being Kind is Free


It isn’t a hard concept. It doesn’t take much to be kind. Smile. Lend a hand. Offer some good advice. Take a chance. Pick up litter. Donate your time or your skills. Here is a big one. You don’t like the way someone talks, walks, looks? Walk away. You don’t like their sexual orientation, their views, the color of their skin? Walk away. There is nothing stating you have to be mean or to put someone day. Does everyone have the right to feel how they want on certain topics? Yes. Do people have freedom of speech? Yes. But don’t we all have the basic right to live a life without fear of being hurt because someone doesn’t agree with what we do? People go around shooting people because they’re gay. What does that solve? People go and set churches on fire for not having the same views as them. What does that solve. The answer is nothing. People can decide to not agree with the things others do and do it in a non-hateful way. They can agree to disagree. If I don’t agree with someone, I’m not going to act out in violence. But that is what the world is coming to. What a sad concept. We’ve become a country that just keeps dividing more and more. I feel for the future generations. I get there has always been hatred, but it’s climbed to a whole other level with so many people that are considered “different” being focused on. Just remember, being kind is free. If you see someone who is struggling, being bullied, being violated, taking the few extra minutes to let them know that what is happening isn’t right and that they are supported can literally make a huge difference in their life. Be kind.

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