Some don’t believe in karma. I do. I believe if you choose to be an awful human being, if you set out to hurt others, it all will eventually come back on you. You can fake being good. You can fake a lot. But God knows your heart. He knows what you do. And you don’t get to just walk away from trying to destroy others. On the other hand, there’s plenty of people out there who do good and bad things happen to them. Don’t let that bring you down. Bad things do happen, but there will be a silver lining for you. Good will come in one form or another. My piece of advice? Treat living beings how you’d want to be treated. Don’t beat an animal. Don’t put down another person. Don’t try to justify doing something horrible. If you rape a woman and blame the clothes she’s wearing for it, it’s still rape. You choke someone because you say they made you mad, you still hurt someone who didn’t deserve to be hurt. Remember you are in charge of your actions, not the other person. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it. Simple enough.

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