Josh Gallagher, small town singer and rising

A lot of people remember seeing Josh Gallagher on Season 11 of the Voice. He came in 4th place. What many don’t know is he came from the small town of Cresson, PA. I’ve now seen him perform live twice. He did a benefit concert to raise money for a local library. He also opened for the Charlie Daniels Band.

This boy does not disappoint. He has an amazing voice and the personality to match. He loves what he does and you can feel it as he sings. He reaches out to the audience and gets them on their feet.

One of my favorite parts about Josh is the songs he’s written. I love hearing about growing up in a small town. I hear the words and remember what it was like for myself growing up in a small town. I remember back to my childhood, the friends I made, and the crazy times we shared.

I look forward to seeing where Josh goes with his career. He has great talent and so much potential. If he comes to your area, I suggest you go and check him out! You won’t be disappointed.

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