Where are you, God?

Ask and you shall receive… I ask, I pray, I beg, I scream out your name. Help her! Help me! Help us! You know all they do. You know all the evil in their hearts. You know they rape, abuse, and use a warfare on a whole other level. Where are you? Why won’t you help us? Why do you keep letting them do this? How much longer do you think we can go on like this? Has the end goal always been waiting on us to kill ourselves to escape them? They’ve dictated our lives for so long now. I can’t even remember time. No one can understand what they do, but you do. And you let them keeping doing. I keep a prayer journal. Over and over I ask for your help. We help ourselves. We do so much, but we are only human. Our minds and bodies can only take so much. Each time we think we see light at the end of the tunnel, you let them do more. While I understand their way is to follow Satan, you are stronger than Satan. I don’t understand. I don’t. And I cry out over and over. I’m no longer me, God. Everything I try to do isn’t fixing it. They’ve destroyed me. I’m to be one of your children and you let them destroy me. She is one of your children, and the amount of pain and suffering you’ve let her go through has destroyed her many times over. We keep coming back, hoping you’ll help. We need your help. No one can understand the attacks we face. Attacks like this were never even included in the Bible. Maybe that’s why you can’t help us. You never foreseen this happening. I’ll keep praying and begging for help. Please hear my prayers. Amen.