Loser mode…

Every have a day when you feel like a complete loser? All you want to do is get ahead and no matter how hard you try, you can’t. You want to be smarter, healthier, funnier, skinnier…but it just isn’t happening. It’s hard to stay positive sometimes. On top of wanting to be more than you are, there are people trying to hurt you and knock you and make you feel even less of yourself than you already are. You want to avoid people like that, but they won’t let you get away. The struggle is real. The struggle is every day.


My heart aches. It aches because they hurt you so much over and over. And I can’t stop what they do. My heart aches to be more. I want to shield you, protect you, love you with all I have. My heart aches with the thought of losing you. Please stay. Never leave. I never wanted to need someone, but I need you. My air. My heartbeat. My everything.