Cults exist

I’m tired of being quiet. Cults do exist. Those that believe they have the right to sacifice people. Those that do chants, have orgies, and make people bleed for fun. They exist. They brainwash and mess with people’s minds and bodies. They truly believe they’re a higher power and have every right to do what they’re doing. They’re people you don’t think would be doing it. They’re people you open up to and trust and then they destroy you completely. They believe killing people with their satanic rituals save themselves. They really believe everything inside of their heads even though anyone else would tell them how wrong they are. When they get a person in mind to destroy, nothing stops them. They play the game, earn the trust. And keep making up stories to keep the person guessing on what’s going on. Then they move in. They stalk. They watch every movement. They take in everything that makes you tick so they can use it against you and say they know you. They constantly believe you are theirs, when all you hear them saying is “you are mine.” They rape, they cut, they choke. They have people with power every where. You can’t turn to the police, the court system at all. There is no help. There is no escape. They keep coming at you. They pay people off or they do the same to others as they do to you until the others give them access to you. They think pain is fun, as long as they’re not the ones in it. They find ways to do so much that seems like it is straight out of a sci-fi horror. But it happens. These people exist. And there’s no way to beat them except to expose them.