My angels

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I believe we are living in hell. I believe in a heaven where my loved ones are waiting for me. I know they hear my words as I open up to them and tell them everything I am feeling. I need the help of my angels to get through this life.


I’ll never understand

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I don’t get why they do what they do. Or how. Or what they think they’ll get in return. Killing people isn’t rewarded. No matter what they are brainwashed to believe. Hurting people is wrong. It’s a basic concept we all learn at a young age. Don’t like someone? Walk away. They don’t even know us to not like us. They only know the bullshit they’ve been told to listen to. All the time I spent trying to get through only hurt me more. And now because I have a good heart they plan on targeting me next. I hate watching you go through all of this. I want to make it stop. You never deserved any of this.