Suicide isn’t new. Be a real friend.

Celebrities should not have to die to teach people to care about others, to check on friends, to put forth an effort in friendships. Suicide and depression are nothing new. We all deserve to be here and be okay. Life isn’t easy. You know what makes life easier? Being real, being caring, being sympathetic and empathetic. Sometimes listening to the struggles of others can be hard, but imagine being the one with the struggles and no one to support you. It doesn’t take much to reach out a hand or to lend an ear. Be it a friend or a stranger. We can give hope to others if we only take the time to choose to. In a world filled with so much bad and evil, be the good, be the light.


Let people live their own lives

The world could be a better place. If people just got over themselves. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but we don’t have to be rude jerks about it. I recently seen the new ears being offered at Disney. And the stink people raise. Don’t want them, don’t buy them. Is it really necessary to belittle and break people down over them? Heck no. If this person is straight and that guy likes another guy, it isn’t my place to tell who isn’t right. It isn’t anyone’s place to tell someone they’re wrong for loving someone. If we replaced all the hate in the world with love, we would get a lot further in life. But no one wants to let others have their own views. When your choices do not directly interfere with my life, it is not my place to judge you. Just as it isn’t your place to judge me for my choices.