Am I gaining or are my pants shrinking?

The weight gain is a battle I know too well. I was a heavy kid. I was a heavy teen. I was a heavy woman. Than I joined Weight Watchers, lost weight and felt better. Follow that up by getting married, getting a new home, and welcome back weight! Or not welcome… I’ve always had problems. After I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to give my baby the best start in life. I ate right. I exercised. I did good overall. And both baby and I benefited from it. He was healthy and I only pushed for 30 minutes. I did really good afterwards and went back to Weight Watchers. Then my divorce happened, I lost my job due to my ex and I spent my son’s nap times walking. I actually ended up being the healthiest I had been in a long time.

Well, I was doing good. Then I got into a relationship where there was “baby momma drama” and always some sort of conflict. I went back to my old ways. Food, you are my friend and you make me feel so much better. And now I’m 20 pounds heavier, fighting with my pants to button, and feeling worse and worse about myself each and every day. I hate the vicious cycle. I get upset. I eat. I feel guilty. I gain weight. I swear to not do it any more. And than the very next day I’m back at the starting point. Anyone else ever have this problem? Anyone else tired of the cycling and wishing they could break free? I know I am. I’m hoping there will be others who want to talk and work together so we can all accomplish something. I know a lot of my weight gain is due to the emotional stress I’m feeling. I’d like to use my blog to express myself and find others who have similar things going on.

One thought on “Am I gaining or are my pants shrinking?

  1. I know a lot of my weight gain was because I started to just not care. No one else did, why should I. Now… Now I’m watching DH lose himself in his IPF and I know it is a battle that he will lose… Everyone does. Terminal sucks. So now I run… and run… and run…

    I’m down 30 pounds since Feb on WW. I feel better than I have in ages. I have 25 more to go. I can relate. BOY can I relate. I’m in it too and I’m scared that I will gain it back when I start not caring even more.

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